Suggested Reading


Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd FieldScreenplay:   The Foundations of Screenwriting – by Syd Field.   Paperback, 246 pps




The Screenwriter's Workbook by Syd Field


The Screenwriter’s Workbook – by Syd Field.  Paperback, 211 pps




Complete Guide to Standard Script Formats by Cole & Haag


The Complete Guide to Standard Script Formats Part I Screenplays by Hillis Cole & Judy Haag.  Paperback, l69 pps



STORY by Robert McKee


StorySubstanceStructureStyleand the Principles of Screenwriting – by Robert McKee. Hardcover, 480 pps




Writing Screenplays that Sell by Michael Hogue

Writing Screenplays That Sell – by Michael Hauge.  Paperback, 325 pps



Writing the Script: A Practical Guide for Films and TV by Wells Root

Writing the Script – A Practical Guide for Films and Television – by Wells Root. Paperback, 2l0 pps





The Elements of Screenwriting by Irwin R. Blacker

The Elements of Screenwriting – by Irwin R. Blacker.  Paperback, l42 pps




Adventures in the Screen Trade


Adventures in the Screen Trade – by William Goldman.  Paperback, 594 pps



Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger


Making A Good Script Great – by Linda Seger.  Paperback, 204 pps




Crafty TV Writing by Alex Epstein


Crafty TV Writing – by Alex Epstein.  Paperback, 352 pps



The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri


The Art of Dramatic Writing – by Lajos Egri.  Paperback, 301 pps



Your First Novel by Rittenberg & Whitcomb


Your First Novel: An Author Agent Team Share the Keys to Achieving Your Dreams – by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb.  Paperback, 304 pps.



Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell


Plot & Structure (Techniques and Exercises For Crafting a Plot That Grips Readers From Start to Finish) (Great Fiction)– by James Scott Bell.  Paperback 240 pps.


Writer's Market 2018 by Robert Brewer


2018 Writers’MarketWhere And How to Sell What You Write – by Robert Brewer.  Paperback, 1184 pps



Writing Down the Bones (Freeing the Writer Within) by Natalie Goldberg

Writing Down the Bones – by Natalie Goldberg.  Paperback, 171 pps.




Recommended Workshop 


This comprehensive and intense 3-day workshop is for screenwriters, playwrights, novelists, directors, producers, stars and creative executives, whether novices or pros.  The course is offered throughout the United States and Europe in major cities during the year.  To check the schedule and fees go to:

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