Proofreading and editing are offered for scripts, manuscripts, treatments, short stories, theses, magazine articles, newsletters and most written documents (excluding contracts or material of a technical nature unless discussed and accepted prior to submission).  REWRITING OF THESE MATERIALS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE FEES.

Call for a current quote if other than a script or manuscript.* * * 

(702) 255-9999

Most screenplays up to 125 pages in length are charged a flat fee of:


Manuscripts up to 600 double-spaced pages are generally charged a flat fee of:


Treatments, short stories, theses, magazine articles, newsletters and other documents are generally charged at the rate of  $1.50 page***.  

***Fees for these services are payable only by check or money order made out to Stephanie Rogers.

* * * * * * *

See “How to Submit.”

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