Rush Service

Racing womanRush Services will be performed on scripts and other materials and will be returned within one week from date of receipt of payment for any selected plan, and manuscripts will be returned within two weeks from the date of receipt of payment for any selected plan.  

Additional fees for Rush Service

For scripts and other materials (not including manuscripts) not more than 125 pages please add:


For manuscripts please add:


Most submissions can be made electronically.  However, if  submitting  a hard copy of your material, A PREPAID FEDEX OR SIMILAR DELIVERY SERVICE ENVELOPE OR PACKAGE MUST BE PROVIDED WITH SUBMITTED MATERIAL

There are two options for payment of  rush services:

 1) money order or check made payable to Stephanie Rogers;        or,

  2) credit card by using the Pay Pal “Add to Cart” button.

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See “How to Submit


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