Premium Plan

Multiple scripts 2/titles on sideFor screenwriters: on feature-length screenplays or teleplays up to 125 pages, comprehensive and constructive analysis notes will be returned typewritten; other script notes will be handwritten or typed on the page(s) of your material.  Editing, proofreading and a one-hour phone consultation are included.  This plan also provides additional notes for a submitted query letter, log-line and synopsis in connection with the aforementioned screenplay or teleplay.


For screenplays or teleplays more than 125 pages

add $2.50/page ***

  • One-Hour teleplay with all the aforementioned services:


  • Half-Hour teleplay with all the aforementioned services:


There are two options for payment of services:

1) money order or check made payable to Stephanie Rogers;  or

2) credit card by using the Pay Pal “Add to Cart” button.

*** Service Fees with the asterisks are to be paid only by money order or check.

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See “How to Submit


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